Repairing damaged teeth in Central London

A veneer is basically a new front surface for a tooth. In simple terms, the front surface enamel is removed and impressions made and sent to the lab. The lab constructs a new surface which is usually from porcelain. The new porcelain facing is then stuck onto the tooth with a very strong adhesive.

The new facing can be a bright shade and can be any shape necessary to make the tooth look natural and beautiful. In smile makeovers, a number of teeth are treated in this way. This is a fast and fairly easy way to create a new smile with fantastic results, but one must be aware of the consequences of removing healthy tooth tissue and treatments like these can only be done when all the other options have been explored.

The dentist reserves the right to decline performing this type of treatment if he/she feels that it is unethical or unhealthy to the patient in the long term. Cosmetic veneers are nowadays being made wrapping around the edge of the tooth for strength and are somewhat between a crown and a conventional veneer. Crowns can also be used for the same purpose.


Case study:

This young lady needed to improve her smile drastically before embarking on a modeling career. After discussing the option of orthodontics and whitening, she decided she needed something quicker. We performed gum surgery to correct the gum levels. A few weeks later we prepared the teeth for veneers. On fitting them, she was extremely pleased and satisfied with the immense improvement.

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