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Full smile reconstructions in Central London W1

Many movie stars are blessed with great teeth. It can be the confidence they derived from having a great smile that helped them in their careers in the first place. There is certainly no reason to deny that many stars, whether at the beginning of their career or once they’ve started to become famous, do visit the dentist. And as normal humans with human teeth, all stars need to get their teeth checked and treated from time to time. For those of them that already have good teeth, nothing more than the regular hygienist visit or some gentle whitening will help maintain them. Some get orthodontics to gently straighten crooked or crowded teeth. Others may require more radical ‘smile makeovers’.

A smile makeover often refers to use of veneers and/or crowns to completely change the appearance and alignment of the ‘smile’ teeth. They result can be very rewarding, but it is very important that the patient understands that this treatment is irreversible and can lead to complications in the future.

Case study:

This young man was Ali's patient seven eight years before he found him again! Ali had tried at first to improve his smile using white filling materials, but with time, this got old and worn. After a long discussion and after studying his full clinical condition, they decided to go for a full makeover where the majority of his weak worn teeth were fixed with crowns and veneers. Ali also did some gum surgery to improve the level of the gums in the smile area. They chose a 'realistic' shade rather than a bright Hollywood shade.

Before Smile Makeover

After treatment

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