Six Month Smiles - '6MS'

Braces for rapid teeth alignment in Central London

Six Month Smile treatment £1350

The Six Month Smiles brace system was invented in America and is now growing in popularity in the UK, probably because it is acknowledged to be one of the fastest teeth alignment systems available.

Not only is this particular brace fast acting, but also quite discreet in that it uses natural tooth coloured materials in its construction. Consequently it is much less noticeable than traditional 'train-track' braces and much more comfortable.

The tooth straightening process used by the Zenith dentists combines traditional and trusted orthodontics with an innovative approach and the latest equipment and materials. The result is beautiful straight teeth in the shortest possible time.

The benefits of the six month smiles process

  • fast treatment times, typically less than 6 months
  • excellent to treat misaligned teeth, 'gappy' smiles and some 'bite' conditions
  • discrete - using natural looking materials
  • much more comfortable that traditional braces
  • gentle and painless - much less force applied than some systems for the same effect
  • a rapid process means fewer consultations and overall lower cost

How do I get this style of brace?

Zenith Dentistry is conveniently situated in W1 in Central London and we are proud to provide the Six Month Smile brace system to clients across the region including Chelsea, Kensington, Hampstead and broader EC1.

We invite you to call our Orthodontics team on 020 7486 2723 to arrange a clinical consultation. If you proceed to treatment with us, we will make a detailed clinical examination of your mouth and assess exactly how your teeth need to be moved to better positions. This may also include x-rays to support our observations.

We will then liaise directly with the 6MS laboratory to coordinate the manufacture of your bespoke braces system. You will then be invited back for fitting and provided with a schedule for follow-up visits where will monitor the straightening and make adjustments as necessary.

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