Gum disease treatment in Central London

If there are more serious gum problems such as gingivitis or periodontitis, you may be advised to have periodontal treatment. Gingivitis is when there is disease in the soft upper part of the gums. Periodontitis is when the disease reaches below the gums into the supporting bone and the fibres that connect the tooth to the bone.

This requires a more thorough and deeper cleaning of the tooth to recreate a clean smooth surface to which the gum can re-attach at a healthy level. Sometimes surgery is also necessary to remove areas of disease and to reshape the bone to allow for better cleaning in the future. In certain situations where bone has been lost, it can be regenerated.

In areas where the gum has shrunk away (recession) we can perform gum surgery to restore it. Periodontal treatment can also be cosmetic, where the gums are reshaped or bulked out to give a more pleasing smile.

Periodontal Treatment

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