The ‘Fast and Fixed’ Way to Have Great New Teeth

Advantages of using dental implants for new teeth in day for our Central London patients

Throughout the streets of Westminster and West London in general, there are, undoubtedly, many people walking around that have had missing teeth replaced by dentures. Many of these people will also be suffering from sore gums and perhaps be conscious also of the insecurity of their dentures.

Whilst there is little doubt that modern dentures are an improvement on their predecessors, the very nature of tooth loss means that the bone in the jaw will gradually deteriorate and eventually the face will change its shape just a little. Whilst this effect may not be visibly obvious, it does mean that the dentures are more likely to move around in the wearer’s mouth.

For partial dentures, one alternative option is to replace them with dental implants, but for those who have a full arch of dentures, this option is less viable due to both the cost and the time that would be involved.

For these people, at Zenith Dentistry near to Chelsea and Kensington, we recommend a revolutionary process called ‘fast and fixed’ to replace their dentures.

Fast and Fixed

Very similar to the ‘all on 4’ procedure, ‘fast and fixed’ does use dental implants, but in quite a unique way. The two implants at the front of the jaw are regular implants that are placed at the standard 90 degree angle. However, the two implants at the rear are designed to be placed into the jawbone at an angle of around 45 degrees. Because of this, it is an ideal procedure for long term denture wearers who will have inevitably lost a significant proportion of the bone in the jaw and for whom, standard dental implants may well not be an option.

Once the implants have been placed, a full set of new teeth supported by a fixed bridge is then attached, with the dental implants used to ‘anchor’ it into place. Unlike standard dental implants, where the crown is attached a few months after the implant has been placed, this procedure is done in most cases, in just a single visit.

Why Fast and Fixed?

Because of the near instant result of this procedure and because of the benefits that it brings to the wearer, the procedure has gained the title ‘fast and fixed’.

The speed of the procedure has already been discussed, but what other advantages does it offer?

Because the implants hold the bridge securely in place, the patient need no longer worry about the teeth becoming loose or causing discomfort of the gums. They will also find that, once the initial tenderness has gone, they are able to eat from a much wider range of foods that they may have ever dreamed possible. In fact, most wearers find that they are comfortable even eating toffee based products, something which few denture wearers would dare to try.

So, if you live in the Westminster area of London and wear dentures, why not contact us at Zenith Dentistry on 020 7486 2723 to discuss this procedure and arrange a consultation.