Ageing and Your Oral Health

Dental care for older people in Chelsea, Kensington and Hampstead

At Zenith Dentistry in London, as you would expect, we see patients of all ages ranging from the very young to the very old. Whilst cosmetic dental care is often associated with the younger age range who are concerned with their looks, perhaps influenced by people in the media, it also has a significant role to play for older people too.

If you look at any humorous postcard from the past, you will find that some have ‘older people’, probably only in their fifties, without any teeth and looking decidedly elderly. Times have changed though and it isn’t unusual to hear declarations that ‘forty is the new twenty’ and so on. Whilst some of this is undoubtedly media hype, there is quite rightly now, an expectation that getting older does not mean that you simply give up and stay indoor watching TV. Many people now take up new challenges, both physical and mental well into their later years, and to go with this, they want to remain looking as good as they can, and quite rightly so.

Looking Good, Feeling Good

It’s often said that there is a real correlation between the way that people look and the way that they feel. This is one of the main reasons that people opt for facial procedures to rid themselves of lines and wrinkles. Whilst these lines and wrinkles are entirely natural as we get older, if we don’t need to have them then it is only logical that we won’t.

The same can be said for the teeth. Inevitably as we get older, our teeth will not look as good as they used to do. Discolouration of the teeth is an inevitable part of the ageing process although this is often easily remedied with a quick and effective tooth whitening procedure.

Fast and Fixed

There are many other dental procedures which can be of great benefit to older people but one of the most significant of these is the relatively new ‘fast and fixed’ procedure. This is rapidly becoming the most popular alternative to dentures, and with very good reason.

Dentures, whilst looking better than in the past, are still prone to becoming loose and moving around in the mouth causing discomfort, but also, as is often seen in comedy skits, likely to even fall out. No one wants this embarrassment and this can have a real negative effect on a person’s confidence, to say nothing of the inability to enjoy certain foods.

By using the Fast and Fixed implants approach, a whole arch of teeth is fixed to a bridge and this is then held in place through the use of just four dental implants which are placed in the jaw. This is an excellent procedure as not only does it leave the wearer with a good looking and strong set of replacement teeth, but the whole procedure can be done in just a single day. Once these have been fitted you can wave goodbye to the fear of your teeth becoming loose or falling out and simply get on with enjoying the later years of life.

Of course, it isn’t just older people who can benefit from the Fast and Fixed procedure. Younger people too may have this surgery although it is more likely that individual implants would be more appropriate in most cases. In cases of accidents where a serious facial injury and significant tooth loss is involved though, the Fast and Fixed approach may be a viable solution. Although many of our patients come from local boroughs such as Kensington, Hampstead and Chelsea, we are pleased to receive new patients from across London.