Whitening – a simple way to a brighter smile

The fastest and most accessible way to a smile makeover!

As youngsters, we have naturally white teeth, but over a period of time, these will start to darken. Those who look after their teeth well and avoid staining products such as tobacco and red wine will manage to keep their teeth whiter for a longer period of time, but eventually, we will all notice that our teeth become darker than they once used to be.

This darkening process is due to the changing of the colour of the molecules within our teeth and no amount of brushing will bring these back to the whiteness that we once knew. In fact, even tooth whitening toothpastes can only make a very small difference due to the minimal quantity of the whitening agent that is allowed in these products due to health and safety reasons.


As well as the obvious more aesthetically pleasing results that having whiter teeth brings, it is also likely to have an impact on a person’s confidence. Many people are reluctant to smile and show their yellowing teeth off to the world and this can often be interpreted as being aloof and unfriendly. It is possible that some people will see friends and associates drift away if this is how they are perceived.

On the other hand, nothing is as welcoming as a warm smile which instantly builds trust and friendship between people and can have a positive effect, not only on a person’s social life but on their business life also, sometimes even resulting in career advancement and associated financial benefits. Some of our dental patients from Chelsea and Kensington have found a simple teeth whitening process to be particularly rewarding.

Options for Whiter Teeth

As mentioned before, tooth whitening toothpastes simply don’t make much difference. That is not to say that they make NO difference, but it is very minimal and you should not expect others to notice if you choose this option.

This leaves two other options, the first is the ‘at home’ tooth whitening kits and the other, an in-house professional tooth whitening procedure which we offer at our  Central London dentist.

DIY Tooth Whitening Kits

Many people prefer to use these kits rather than having the procedure done professionally. However, this method is certainly longer and whilst it can be done in the comfort of your own home, the process can take up to 3 weeks before significant results are seen. However, patience, as they say, is a virtue, and this short period of time using the kit at home will produce excellent results which are long lasting.

Professional Tooth Whitening

For those who want a faster acting procedure, having your teeth whitened by a professional dentist is certainly the way to go. The whole procedure takes around one hour and because it is being administered by a professional, the active ingredient is allowed to be much stronger than that found in toothpastes or ‘at home’ whitening kits.

The process simply involves the lips and gums being protected prior to the gel being placed on the teeth. This gel is then activated using a special light which then starts to lighten the molecules within the teeth resulting in brighter and whiter teeth, all in the space of just one hour.

In fact, with many patients that use a DIY kit, Zenith Dentistry often recommends that this is combined with a professional treatment in our Westminster dental practice to ensure the best possible results.