Tooth Coloured Fillings for Nicer Teeth

Beautiful teeth for Central London Residents

Everybody wants to have whiter teeth; that almost goes without saying. None of us like to reveal dull and discoloured teeth when we smile or engage in conversation with others. With today’s cosmetic dental procedure, it is entirely unnecessary to suffer from this too.

The most obvious way to whiten teeth is by using a professional tooth whitening procedure which is done by a professional dentist and can safely and dramatically whiten your teeth in around just one hour.

For those whose teeth are more severely stained or discoloured, dental veneers offer an excellent solution. These effectively replace the front of the discoloured teeth and not only give a natural, uniform appearance but also cover up any cracks or chips which can also be detrimental to your appearance.

Amalgam Fillings

Once one or both of the above procedures have been performed, your teeth will appear significantly whiter and much more appealing. For most of us though, there is an additional problem which neither of these procedures will rectify, and that is the fillings that we have had over the years.

For many years, dentists have used amalgam, a mixture of metals including mercury, to fill our teeth. This mixture has been used for the very good reason that it is extremely strong and hard wearing. Unfortunately, it is also unsightly and is a dull grey in appearance and although often used largely on the rear teeth, is easily visible when we laugh or open our mouth wide for any other reason.

White Filling Alternatives

With the progress that has been made in the field of cosmetic dentistry, it probably isn’t a great surprise that there is now an alternative to amalgam fillings in the form of tooth coloured fillings. These can be made to the same shade as a patient’s natural teeth, making them, in effect, appear whole again.

Although these fillings have been around for a little while, for some time, they were not suitable for use on the rear teeth which endure the greatest amount of work when we eat, chewing and grinding our food to make it easier to digest. Whilst being used on the visible front teeth, dentists were reluctant to use on the rear teeth and continued to use amalgam. Thankfully, most modern white fillings are now almost as strong as amalgam and can be used on the rear teeth to good effect.

To place a tooth coloured filling, first of all any decay is removed and then a bonding agent placed and a resin or hard type of plastic is placed which is then hardened using a special light. This provides the patient with a much more aesthetically pleasing filling than an amalgam based one.


If a filling is needed that is large, a standard white filling may not be strong enough and in cases such as these, an inlay may be fitted. This is done in a similar way to a crown in that impressions are taken and then sent to a dental laboratory where an inlay is made. In effect, this is the same shape as the amount of natural tooth that has been removed and is positioned and glued into the tooth on its return from the dental laboratory.

All of these modern dental procedures are available at Zenith Dentistry near to Chelsea and Kensington and designed to ensure that you will never again have to worry about revealing either discoloured teeth or dull metallic fillings.