Improving Facial Aesthetics with a Smile Makeover

A New Smile for our Westminster and City of London Patients

Britain has certainly changed a great deal in the past fifty years or so. Some changes are social and others personal, advanced by an increase in knowledge due to wider access to information than before.

One of the biggest changes perhaps, can be seen in the way that we manage our own health. Whilst medical procedures advance, we are also much more aware of how to look after ourselves and why staying fit and eating healthily is important.

Dental Aesthetics

Because of our increased awareness of health issues, we have also become increasingly aware that we no longer have to entirely accept looking our age or even looking older than we actually are. No-one has yet managed to halt the ageing process, but there are now many procedures which can help to relieve the worst visible symptoms of this.

Whilst there has been a great improvement in products to keep the skin healthy looking, dental improvements are less simple and most have to be made at a professional level and by skilled and highly trained dentists.

Smile Makeover

At Zenith dentistry in Westminster, we offer an option, often described as a ‘smile makeover’. In fact, this is not a single individual treatment but is a combination, the makeup of which will depend on the case of each individual patient. As the name suggests, it is designed to give the patient the best smile that they can possibly have. For some, this may even mean no more than a simple teeth whitening procedure to bring out the whiteness of their teeth.

In cases where a person’s teeth are very badly discoloured or are cracked and chips, dental veneers may be used rather than a tooth whitening procedure. This involves the placing of a very fine layer of porcelain on the front of the visible teeth. This procedure can also be used to correct gap closure between the teeth.

Dental Implants

Where a tooth is damaged beyond repair or where one is missing, dental implants may be used as a replacement. These are an excellent replacement and are both strong and long lasting as they are placed directly into the jawbone, ensuring that they are held firmly in place.


In some cases, minor gum surgery may also be suggested. This is most likely to occur in cases where the patient has a ‘gummy’ smile to some degree.

New Confidence

Whilst it is impossible to say, without a consultation, what a patient will need doing for their own individual smile makeover; what we are sure of is that once done, the patient will be delighted with their new smile. Many report a new found confidence as they no longer feel the need to hide their smile from others for fear of revealing the poor state of their teeth.