Resolving Minor Crooked Teeth Issues with Inman Aligner

Rapid Orthodontic Solutions for Westminster and London W1 Patients

With an increasing awareness of the availability of cosmetic procedures that are now within the reach of ‘everyday’ people and not just confined to celebrities, perhaps it should not come as a surprise that the use of these are on the increase. Of course, the ability to pass an image around the world in seconds through the likes of Facebook has increased this desire as few people now want to be caught looking anything but their best.

Cosmetic dentistry is no exception to this rule, and at Zenith Dentistry in Central London, we have seen an increase in patients requesting tooth whitening procedures as well as several other cosmetic procedures.

One area though that has proved problematic for many years is in the field of orthodontics. Whilst it is no longer necessary to wear ugly metallic braces to correct misaligned teeth, most orthodontic procedures work on the presumption that a number of teeth need correcting and focus on that fact.

For many people though, their problematic crooked teeth may be few in number and not need the full orthodontic treatment which can also be quite lengthy. Even the more cosmetic Six Month Smile which focusses on the visible front teeth only, can take six months or more to work and whilst an excellent option for those needing this treatment, it can still seem to be overkill for those wanting very minor improvements.

Inman Aligner

This is where the Inman Aligner comes into its own. It has been designed specifically to work on minor cases of misalignment and is an extremely fast and convenient method of doing so. By using a system of springs and alignment bows to exert pressure on the teeth it works both quickly and effectively and the whole treatment process may only be a matter of weeks.

In fact, as the bows are situated both at the front of the teeth and also at the rear, this dual action means that the whole process of aligning the teeth is speeded up significantly.


By arranging a consultation with us at our Zenith Dentistry Westminster practice, we will be able to ascertain approximately how long the Inman Aligner will take to correct the positioning of your teeth. As with most modern orthodontics, this is done using impressions and/or scans to enable customisation of the aligner for you as an individual.

Once the aligner has been produced, it will be fitted by our professional orthodontist and should be worn for around 16 to 20 hours each day. You are likely to be asked to visit the dental practice every few weeks to ensure that it is working correctly. Although this may seem time consuming, this minor inconvenience should be offset against the short time overall that it takes for the aligner to work.

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