Looking for Quick Working Dental Braces?

Six Month Smile orthodontics may be exactly what you are looking for!

At our Westminster dental practice, in Central London, we often hear adult patients say that they wish they had been braver and had dental braces when they were recommended to them in their teens. Whilst some people did go ahead with them, the reality is that traditional dental braces are unattractive and exactly the type of thing that a teenager will avoid where possible at that stage of their life, particularly when peer pressure and personal development is important.

The result of this though, is that many patients have found themselves with unattractive and crooked teeth in their adult life and believe that there is nothing that can be done about them.

Modern Adult Braces

The good news for these patients is that there are now adult orthodontics available which can correct these crooked teeth. The bad news though is that with some braces, the treatment time can be quite lengthy and although modern dental braces are much more convenient, many people do still avoid them for this reason.

At Zenith Dentistry, we can help those people who do not want to wear braces for a year or more and offer two types of adult braces which can act more quickly; the Inman Aligner and the Six Month Smile. We will discuss the Inman Aligner another time and here, focus on the popular Six Month Smile adult brace system.

Why Six Months?

We should be clear here that the ‘six months’ is not an exact figure and some cases may need a little longer whilst others a little less. This will depend on the severity of the problem to be corrected and this will be assessed at the consultation. For this reason, if you are planning for a specific event, please allow more than 6 months to ensure that the braces have time to do their work fully.

A common presumption about these braces is that they must work by putting extra pressure on the teeth to push them into their correct positions. The reality though is quite the opposite and in most cases less pressure will be used.

So, how does this system act so quickly?

The fact is that the Six Month Smile is designed to work solely on the visible teeth at the front of the mouth and not on the rear teeth. Because it is the rear teeth which are usually more difficult to move, Six Month Smile braces can both use less pressure and get faster results.


Whilst this system does use wires and brackets in a similar manner to traditional dental braces, they are made from a tooth coloured material and the brackets are much smaller and the wire thinner too which makes them much less visible to those around you.

Suitable for all Uses?

The Six Month Smile system is probably best thought of as a cosmetic orthodontic treatment and is not a cure for all misalignment problems. Whilst it is excellent at rapidly straightening the front teeth, it is not so useful in cases where a patient’s bite at the rear of their mouth is incorrect. In cases like this, a consultation will be needed and the various options discussed.

There is little doubt though, that if you are looking for a quick way to improve your appearance, the Six Month Smile is a very effective solution to leave you with a great looking smile.