Cheap Dental Implants – A Gamble with Your Oral Health

Procedures in Chelsea and Central London or a trip Abroad?

There is little doubt that having a dental implant placed is not a cheap procedure. It is a highly sophisticated process which uses an implant made from a very expensive metal and this, along with the lengthy training that is needed, prevent it from being offered at a low price in the UK.

Some patients have commented that they have seen the same procedures offered at significantly lower prices by dentists abroad, very often with the cost of a flight and even a hotel thrown in as well.  Whilst we can understand the temptation of these offers, it is worth looking at the reasons why these can be offered cheaper and what the risks are that are involved in taking up these offers.


You can be reasonably sure that, in Central London and throughout the UK, any dentist who offers dental implants in their practice is suitably qualified and appropriately skilled. Can you be sure that this is the case if you travel say, to an East European country such as Poland or Hungary for example, just two of the countries where this is a growing industry?

We should say here that we have no wish to denigrate our fellow dentists in these countries and there are many fine dentists there. The problem is determining who they are. Qualifications vary widely in each country and then there is the language barrier which can cause confusion when trying to determine who are the best qualified dentists. In the UK it is quite straightforward to validate the credentials of a dentist before electing to join their care.


Even presuming that you find a dentist that you feel is a good choice, the language barrier presents other problems. For example, how do you communicate to the dentist when you are feeling uncomfortable during a procedure or to explain any medical conditions that you may have that may affect the outcome of the procedure?  Nervous patients especially are likely to feel a long way out of their comfort zone in these situations.

The Cost

So, how do these dentists keep their costs so low that they can attract patients from the UK? Well, naturally, there is the fact that the cost of living in some of these countries is lower and that is a legitimate reason. The fact is though, that the prices that are offered often fall way below what this factor would account for.

One of our major concerns would be that corners are being cut, possibly in equipment but most likely in the actual implants that are used. The reality is that dental implants are made from titanium, one of the most expensive metals available. The use of this material though is not due to its expense but because it is the only known metal that the bone fuses with once placed into the jawbone, a  process known as osseointegration. It is this process which makes a dental implant so strong and long lasting.

There are concerns that some implants that are used abroad may be of inferior quality and possibly even made with a mixture of metals. Whilst the effects of this may not be immediately obvious, the integrity of the implant may come under threat a little while after the implant has been placed and may result in its total failure.

As well as the factors above there is the issue of what to do if things go wrong. It is a long way to go back to the dentist that performed the procedure and would you really want to?

With dental plans being available for implant procedures at Zenith dentistry, in our opinion the risks of going abroad for implants are simply are not worth it and given that, with proper care, a dental implant can last for over 25 years, it is better to pay a little more for a fully qualified UK dentist to perform the procedure instead.