Modern Dentures

Improved comfortable dentures now available at our Central London practice

Dentures; mention these to most people and you will probably get a snigger or two. The fact is though that, at the last estimate, around 11 million of us in the UK wear dentures, whether full or partial. Of course, that doesn’t stop the humorous tales about them such as the recent one in the media to highlight irrelevant 999 calls where a woman had thrown hers at a dog and was afraid it would eat them!

With 11 million wearers though, dentures obviously do still have a role to play in the field of dentistry, despite the growth of newer procedures such as dental implants, whether singular or used as part of the ‘Fast and Fixed’ method to replace a full arch.

Uncomfortable Dentures

Whilst dentures do have a tendency to move around after they are fitted, due to gradual bone loss which changes facial features, modern dentures are more comfortable and better designed than older versions and this movement occurs less.

Made with a metal base and an acrylic ‘tooth’, modern dentures offer a good degree of function and look entirely realistic too. Whilst it may not be advisable perhaps to chew toffees, having a modern dentures fitted will give the patient an aesthetic boost whilst, at the same time, allowing them to eat more comfortably than with a missing tooth.

Taking between 2 to 4 visits before a final version can be fitted, modern dentures are an option that is available to anyone who has lost a tooth or a number of teeth.

Dental Implants and Dentures

Whilst individual dental implants offer an excellent alternative to a partial denture, they can also be used in the stabilisation of dentures. More often though, in the case of a full missing arch of teeth, the Fixed and Fast method would be used where 4 dental implants are placed and these are then used to hold a fixed bridge into place. This method does have the advantage over traditional dentures in that once placed, they can simply be thought of as regular teeth and cleaned in the same manner without the need to remove them to do so.

Whilst dentures are still the most popular option to replace missing teeth, it has to be said that dental implants do offer a much stronger and longer lasting option. Although many people do seem to be put off by the thought of having an implant placed into the jawbone, we can assure you, at Zenith Dentistry, that this is no more uncomfortable than any other dental procedure and is, of course, done using a local anaesthetic.

Whilst dentures look great, dental implants do also offer the additional ability to eat any food that the patient wishes without fear of the replacement tooth becoming loose. Also, once placed, they should last for around 20 years and need no special upkeep, although we will, naturally, keep an eye on any implants during dental check ups at our West London dental practice.

Whichever method a patient chooses though, they can be sure that, at Zenith Dentistry, they will get the best quality and care that can be offered, whichever choice they make.