Nervous about Dental Treatment?

Sympathetic dentistry for dental phobics in Central London

It may be of some comfort to know that around a third of the UK population claim to have a fear of going to the dentist. Of this third, most will simply grin and bear it and in most cases, after attending, find out that it was nothing like as bad as they had expected. For others though, dental fear can be very real and can be extremely difficult to overcome. This often leads to neglect of their teeth with all the oral health issues that come with this.

By failing to attend a dental practice for long periods of time, a patient risks having to have more invasive procedures later on when the inevitable happens. This is especially so if gingivitis (gum disease) occurs unnoticed by the patient during this time. Whilst a simple improvement to the cleaning regime or perhaps a small scale and polish would resolve the problem; if left untreated this may well develop into periodontitis which will result in the loss of teeth and the need for replacements such as a bridge or a dental implant. All this could most likely have been avoided by keeping appointments.

How to Overcome Dental Fear

The first thing to recognise is that dentists have no desire whatsoever to inflict pain. Too often the dentist is portrayed in films almost as an evil villain and whilst we appreciate that some of this is done in humour, it doesn’t help those that are afraid of the dentist anyway. We can assure you that at Zenith Dentistry, we take care to ensure that our patients suffer no pain and that discomfort is kept to the absolute minimum.

Practical Steps

There are a number of things that a nervous dental patient can do to help them to relax. Some people find that deep breathing or other relaxation techniques help them. Others prefer to use herbal and alternative remedies and these may be worth a try. For those with a more severe phobia, medication may be available on prescription from their doctor if requested. In all cases, we do recommend consulting a qualified medical practitioner of course.

Zenith Dentistry Nervous Patient Solutions

As stated before, anyone living in Westminster, Chelsea, Kensington or anywhere in the City of London and who visits our dental practice will be in good hands as we do our utmost to ensure the comfort and safety of our patients. Our practice environment is friendly and welcoming from the moment that you walk through the door which helps to put most people at ease.

Once in the dental chair, some procedures will require a local anaesthetic. This is administered skilfully and quickly to ensure the minimum of discomfort and any short sensation will soon go as the local anaesthetic starts to work.

Once this has taken effect, the nerves will no longer be able to pick up any pain signals and you should not experience pain at all during the procedure.

For those whose fear is very severe, we also offer conscious sedation which is administered by a fully qualified anaesthetist. This ensures that the patient will be fully relaxed but conscious during the procedure and is likely to find that time passes very quickly indeed. It should be noted that anyone having conscious sedation should be accompanied by a friend or relative who is able to ensure that they get home safely afterwards as the effects may take a little time to wear off.

If you suffer from dental phobia and you live local to us in the Centre of London, why not give us call to see how we can help?