Modern Dentures

Improved comfortable dentures now available at our Central London practice

Dentures; mention these to most people and you will probably get a snigger or two. The fact is though that, at the last estimate, around 11 million of us in the UK wear dentures, whether full or partial. Of course, that doesn’t stop the humorous tales about them such as the recent one in the media to highlight irrelevant 999 calls where a woman had thrown hers at a dog and was afraid it would eat them!

With 11 million wearers though, dentures obviously do still have a role to play in the field of dentistry, despite the growth of newer procedures such as dental implants, whether singular or used as part of the ‘Fast and Fixed’ method to replace a full arch.

Uncomfortable Dentures

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Safe Tooth Whitening for West London Patients

Is a whitening procedure without risks?

Having a tooth whitening procedure is becoming fairly common place these days. Perhaps it is the rise of the ‘celebrity smile’ that has encouraged this or perhaps just a general increase in awareness about how we present ourselves to the outside world.

Whilst a tooth whitening procedure is affordable and painless, as well as being highly effective, it has not been without its critics so we thought we would take a look at this issue here.

High Street Tooth Whitening

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Resolving Minor Crooked Teeth Issues with Inman Aligner

Rapid Orthodontic Solutions for Westminster and London W1 Patients

With an increasing awareness of the availability of cosmetic procedures that are now within the reach of ‘everyday’ people and not just confined to celebrities, perhaps it should not come as a surprise that the use of these are on the increase. Of course, the ability to pass an image around the world in seconds through the likes of Facebook has increased this desire as few people now want to be caught looking anything but their best.

Cosmetic dentistry is no exception to this rule, and at Zenith Dentistry in Central London, we have seen an increase in patients requesting tooth whitening procedures as well as several other cosmetic procedures.

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Ageing and Your Oral Health

Dental care for older people in Chelsea, Kensington and Hampstead

At Zenith Dentistry in London, as you would expect, we see patients of all ages ranging from the very young to the very old. Whilst cosmetic dental care is often associated with the younger age range who are concerned with their looks, perhaps influenced by people in the media, it also has a significant role to play for older people too.

If you look at any humorous postcard from the past, you will find that some have ‘older people’, probably only in their fifties, without any teeth and looking decidedly elderly. Times have changed though and it isn’t unusual to hear declarations that ‘forty is the new twenty’ and so on. Whilst some of this is undoubtedly media hype, there is quite rightly now, an expectation that getting older does not mean that you simply give up and stay indoor watching TV. Many people now take up new challenges, both physical and mental well into their later years, and to go with this, they want to remain looking as good as they can, and quite rightly so.

Looking Good, Feeling Good

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The ‘Fast and Fixed’ Way to Have Great New Teeth

Advantages of using dental implants for new teeth in day for our Central London patients

Throughout the streets of Westminster and West London in general, there are, undoubtedly, many people walking around that have had missing teeth replaced by dentures. Many of these people will also be suffering from sore gums and perhaps be conscious also of the insecurity of their dentures.

Whilst there is little doubt that modern dentures are an improvement on their predecessors, the very nature of tooth loss means that the bone in the jaw will gradually deteriorate and eventually the face will change its shape just a little. Whilst this effect may not be visibly obvious, it does mean that the dentures are more likely to move around in the wearer’s mouth.

For partial dentures, one alternative option is to replace them with dental implants, but for those who have a full arch of dentures, this option is less viable due to both the cost and the time that would be involved.

For these people, at Zenith Dentistry near to Chelsea and Kensington, we recommend a revolutionary process called ‘fast and fixed’ to replace their dentures.

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Looking for Quick Working Dental Braces?

Six Month Smile orthodontics may be exactly what you are looking for!

At our Westminster dental practice, in Central London, we often hear adult patients say that they wish they had been braver and had dental braces when they were recommended to them in their teens. Whilst some people did go ahead with them, the reality is that traditional dental braces are unattractive and exactly the type of thing that a teenager will avoid where possible at that stage of their life, particularly when peer pressure and personal development is important.

The result of this though, is that many patients have found themselves with unattractive and crooked teeth in their adult life and believe that there is nothing that can be done about them.

Modern Adult Braces

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Emergency Dentistry in Central London

Fast Effective Care for Dental Emergencies in W1 and EC1

However well we take care of our teeth, brushing them day and night and flossing regularly, there can be no accounting for accidents that can happen which cause us, at the very least, great inconvenience and in the worst case scenario, a significant amount of pain.

Some accidents that damage our teeth can of course be quite dramatic such as a car accident, whilst others may be caused through injuries sustained during contact sports or sports where a ball is involved. Some though can simply be caused by a rogue piece of stone or other hard object that has made its way into whatever we are eating at the time. There is little worse than the feeling when you both hear and feel a crunching sound as a tooth breaks when you bite on something unexpectedly hard.

Emergency Care in Westminster

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Cheap Dental Implants – A Gamble with Your Oral Health

Procedures in Chelsea and Central London or a trip Abroad?

There is little doubt that having a dental implant placed is not a cheap procedure. It is a highly sophisticated process which uses an implant made from a very expensive metal and this, along with the lengthy training that is needed, prevent it from being offered at a low price in the UK.

Some patients have commented that they have seen the same procedures offered at significantly lower prices by dentists abroad, very often with the cost of a flight and even a hotel thrown in as well.  Whilst we can understand the temptation of these offers, it is worth looking at the reasons why these can be offered cheaper and what the risks are that are involved in taking up these offers.

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Tooth Coloured Fillings for Nicer Teeth

Beautiful teeth for Central London Residents

Everybody wants to have whiter teeth; that almost goes without saying. None of us like to reveal dull and discoloured teeth when we smile or engage in conversation with others. With today’s cosmetic dental procedure, it is entirely unnecessary to suffer from this too.

The most obvious way to whiten teeth is by using a professional tooth whitening procedure which is done by a professional dentist and can safely and dramatically whiten your teeth in around just one hour.

For those whose teeth are more severely stained or discoloured, dental veneers offer an excellent solution. These effectively replace the front of the discoloured teeth and not only give a natural, uniform appearance but also cover up any cracks or chips which can also be detrimental to your appearance.

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Improving Facial Aesthetics with a Smile Makeover

A New Smile for our Westminster and City of London Patients

Britain has certainly changed a great deal in the past fifty years or so. Some changes are social and others personal, advanced by an increase in knowledge due to wider access to information than before.

One of the biggest changes perhaps, can be seen in the way that we manage our own health. Whilst medical procedures advance, we are also much more aware of how to look after ourselves and why staying fit and eating healthily is important.

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