Dental Implants

Before dental implants

After treatment

This male patient lost his teeth boxing when he was younger. He had had a good bridge for several years but the teeth eventually failed and had to be removed with the bridge. Within four months, he had a brand new set of teeth that should last him a lifetime.

Cosmetic Recontouring Case Study

Before recontouring treatment

After treatment

This is a good case that illustrates how a smile can be improved by the dentist in the dental clinic without resorting to aggressive shaving of the teeth. This gentleman wanted to improve his smile but didn't want to have his enamel shaved. We spent a few hours in the chair 'building up' his teeth with white filling material (composite) and mildly reshaping them. This method is called cosmetic recontouring or bonding. The result was superb and is still looking great many months afterwards.

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Smile Makeover

Before Smile Makeover

After treatment

This young man was Ali's patient seven eight years before he found him again! Ali had tried at first to improve his smile using white filling materials, but with time, this got old and worn. After a long discussion and after studying his full clinical condition, they decided to go for a full makeover where the majority of his weak worn teeth were fixed with crowns and veneers. Ali also did some gum surgery to improve the level of the gums in the smile area. They chose a 'realistic' shade rather than a bright Hollywood shade

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Dental Veneers

Before treatment

After treatment

This young lady needed to improve her smile drastically before embarking on a modelling career. After discussing the option of orthodontics and whitening, she decided she needed something quicker. We performed gum surgery to correct the gum levels. A few weeks later we prepared the teeth for veneers. On fitting them, she was extremely pleased and satisfied with the immense improvement.

Tooth Whitening

Before treatment

After treatment

In chair whitening can give rapid results. Please discuss with the dentist which whitening process suits you the best.

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