Cosmetic tooth fillings in Central London, W1

A filling is basically treatment to replace a damaged or decayed part of a tooth. The decay is removed with dental instruments until a fresh, non-diseased part of the tooth is found. Then the dentist decides the best material to replace the missing part. The material more commonly used nowadays is dental composite or ‘white-filling’ material. This is basically a hard plastic or resin that is placed carefully into the tooth after the tooth is treated with a special glue or bonding agent. The filling is hardened with a blue light. Then it is shaped and polished. The tooth is immediately ready for use.

Other materials are sometimes used. In the past, the most common one was dental amalgam. This is a very strong and durable material. Its main problems are that its colour is dark grey and that there is a risk of mercury exposure during its use. Some researchers suggest that the mercury can continue to enter the body throughout life and cause health problems.

Other materials include gold, porcelain and a harder type of composite. These types of filings are usually called inlays and they are made in the laboratory after an impression of the tooth is taken. The tooth would then need a temporary filling until the laboratory-made inlay is ready to be fitted at a second session. Inlays are used when a normal filling wouldn’t be strong enough or when it might be difficult to reproduce all the tooth contours needed for lifelong health.

Changing old amalgam fillings to white fillings

If you are considering replacing old and ugly amalgam fillings, and live locally in EC1 and W1 or across Central London, we'd be pleased to offer the services of our experienced dental team.

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