Tooth extraction for Central London patients - as pain free as possible

Nobody likes the thought of an extraction, but when a tooth has reached a point where it is very difficult to restore to good function or when it is causing unnecessary grief and pain it can be the best choice. The whole area of the jaw is anaesthetised and the tooth is gently rocked out of its connection with the bone and carefully removed. Sometimes the extraction can be more difficult and require removal of bone from around the tooth roots or splitting the roots to make them easier to remove individually. Stitches are sometimes required.

There is no reason why a tooth extraction, no matter how difficult, should be painful. The pain after an extraction also does not need to be debilitating. Usually with the use of good pain killers, the pain is manageable for the day or two after the extraction. Sometimes, patients report surprisingly little pain at all and sometimes it can last a little bit longer. If the pain lasts any longer than four days, you should call the dentist.

Bleeding after an extraction is completely normal as long as it is just a light ooze and not flowing. Sometimes patients think that it is bleeding a lot, but it is actually increased saliva tainted with blood that they are seeing. Often, just applying a gauze pack and biting firmly will stop even the heaviest bleed. After that, the patient should try to leave the area undisturbed for at least a day before using salt and water or chewing on that side.

Removal of an impacted wisdom tooth

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