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The bespoke 3 point clinical consultation for dental patient in Chelsea, Hampstead, Kensington and EC1 in London

Exclusive to our practice is our 3-point clinical consultation. This involves dividing the examination into Health, Function and Aesthetics. This way you can best decide what treatments you would like to proceed with.


The health of our mouths is linked to the health of our bodies and our overall well being. We’ve all seen and felt this. Bad gums making us feel unwell and cause bad breath; toothache making us feel rotten and poorly, stress at work causing us to clench and grind our teeth and harm our jaw joints; tongue not the right colour when we’ve got a cold.

In fact, many general diseases can be diagnosed on examining the mouth and part of every dentist’s training is the study of the link between general medicine and dentistry. Good dentistry is also good medicine and we aim to provide both.


This relates to how the system works together as a whole. How your teeth glide across each other during chewing and how your jaw joints work. Functional problems caused by mal-alignment of teeth or imbalance or by missing teeth can lead to a cycle of problems such as joint and muscle pain and unnecessary wear on one side.

We look at your whole mouth from a functional viewpoint to ensure that there is balance and efficiency. We treat problems such as grinding and jaw-joint problems that can lead to facial pain, headaches, etc. Dental Implants play an important role in the restoration of both lost function and aesthetics.


Once we have discussed health and function with you, we can provide you with options to enhance, improve or recreate your smile. A procedure as simple as tooth whitening can make your teeth brighter and healthier-looking. Sometimes a little bit more is required and cosmetic recontouring of the teeth using dental composites can make an amazing and lasting difference.

Occasionally, orthodontics is used to realign crooked teeth for cosmetic reasons. Advanced cosmetic treatments such as gum reshaping and veneers or crowns are used when all other options have been thoroughly thought out and discussed.

At all times we aim to provide the ethical choice that will keep your teeth healthy throughout life. If you are searching for excellent, affordable dental services in The City of London and adjacent boroughs, please call us to see how we can assist.

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