Dental Examinations

Important routine dental check-ups in Central London, W1 and EC1

Your dental examination begins with a brief medical history. We want to know about your general health and well being. We need to know about things like allergies, any medications you might be taking and why. We will also try to develop an understanding of your previous dental experiences and what you’ve had done in the past. Naturally if you have a particular matter you need to discuss or have dealt with, we will focus on this during your initial examination.

The mouth examination involves looking at your teeth for signs of decay, leaky or failing fillings, cracks, wear, crowding and mal-position. Your gums are examined for bleeding, for tartar build-up above and below the gum line and for loose teeth. We then look at the oral mucosa (the lining of the mouth) for signs of trauma, abscesses etc. We will also examine your occlusion (how your teeth and jaws meet and work together) and your jaw joints. The results of the examination are broadly dived into three main categories to help you prioritise your treatment goals.


This involves all the things necessary to bring your teeth and gums to a good state of health. Treatments can include fillings, hygiene, periodontal care, root canal treatment, extractions, crowns and preventative care.


This includes treatments to help improve or maintain function. This can include replacement of missing teeth with dental implants, bridges or dentures, realignment of crowded teeth with orthodontics, splints to create better jaw harmony or other appliances that can help general health improvement such as snoring appliances and sports guards.


Once we have discussed health and function with you, we can provide you with options to enhance, improve or recreate your smile. A procedure as simple as tooth whitening can make your teeth brighter and healthier-looking. Sometimes a little bit more is required and cosmetic recontouring of the teeth using dental composites can make an amazing and lasting difference. Occasionally, orthodontics is used to realign crooked teeth for cosmetic reasons. Advanced cosmetic treatments such as gum reshaping and veneers or crowns are used when all other options have been thoroughly thought out and discussed. At all times we aim to provide the ethical choice that will keep your teeth healthy throughout life.

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